“Our clients are commercial property owners who want to ensure their property is sold for the highest price the market will pay.”

- Beau Beach, MBA CCIM

Who is Beau Beach?

Beau is a battle-tested Commercial Real Estate Broker, entrepreneur and adoring father of four. 

His clients appreciate his no-nonsense demeanor and his legendary work ethic.


Beau leads Beachwood which is a nationwide commercial real estate brokerage for sellers...with emphasis in Nashville and the Southeast.

He's earned the revered "CCIM" designation which is awarded to the top 6% of all commercial real estate brokers. 

Beau also holds an MBA from the Sam Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.

Beau is the author of the books The 3 Reasons: Why Most Commercial Properties Don’t Sell and True Wealth: What Every Seller Should Know About 1031 Exchanges.

If you're considering selling, you may contact Beau at 800-721-3287, Schedule a call or Beau@BeachwoodSells.com

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