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  • The appropriate asking price...
  • Who the likely buyers are...
  • How we'll get these buyers' attention in a busy and distracted world... 
  • How much you can expect the property to sell for...
  • The common mistakes that are critical to avoid...

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How We're Different

We spend 5x more to market your property directly to likely buyers

The dirty truth is the average broker only spends the bare minimum to market your property to potential buyers.  That’s where our competitive advantage begins.

We don’t wait for buyers to come to us…we go directly to buyers by spending 5x the industry average on property marketing, powered by the most effective marketing system in the industry.

Our Direct-to-Likely-Buyer Marketing System combines our local market expertise, comprehensive research, state-of-the-art technology and relationships with local, out-of-state and international buyers.

Put simply, our proprietary system puts your property directly in front of the people most likely to buy it.

We’re the only commercial brokerage focused exclusively on sellers

We’re laser-focused on selling commercial real estate because that’s all we do. By specializing in sellers exclusively, we get your property unparalleled attention in the marketplace.

1031 Exchange Buyers Direct

Buyers who are completing a 1031 Exchange are the most motivated, least price sensitive buyers in the market. That’s why we track every accepted offer and closed sale. We know who these buyers are and we have the tools to offer them your property directly.

We’re a high-tech brokerage

We get attention in a distracted world.  Your property will have its own website with 3D virtual tour, drone aerial video, custom graphics, video commentary, informative maps, landing pages, satellite imagery and more.

We’ve invested in the marketing channels that actually work in our modern world

That means we have our own video studio. We own a direct mail fulfillment facility.  We have the tools to go directly to likely buyers to tell them a story that resonates.

Sell for More Guarantee

Our famous Sell for More Guarantee states that we’ll personally contact the top 1,000 most likely buyers for your property or you can terminate our listing contract…another bold industry first.

Access to international and out-of-state buyers

We’ve made significant investments to have a direct line to these valuable, hard-to-reach buyers.

Sell for More Club Weekly Email

Effortlessly prepare for your sale and get an unfair advantage with this weekly email.

Every email will include Sell for More Secrets, new episodes of Just Sold TV with Beau Beach, Sell for More Advice videos, Ask Beau Anything videos, Sold Alerts, Quote of the Week, free property valuation offers and much more.

Weekly Update Guarantee

Did you know the #1 complaint from sellers is the lack of communication from their broker?  We've solved that problem.  Once per week we’ll send you a video email with updates so you’re always informed.

Just Sold TV with Beau Beach

Commercial property owners should study recent sales to better understand our current market.  Every episode dissects ten of the top commercial real estate sales in the area.  Don’t miss this valuable behind-the-scenes information.

No haggle, standardized fees

All of our clients pay the same commission. Never more, never less, always fair.


"Thank you so much for all your great work. In my mind, it’s a absolute miracle that my property sold at that price in the time it took. You were the miracle worker!! Please use me as a reference anytime. I would love to help you out. THANK YOU!!"

- Rick Zimmerman, Seller

"My experience with Beau and his team was excellent. My industrial property was listed for sale with a different broker before I met Beau with no success at all. Beau and his team brought me not one – but two offers both of which I was able to accept. We later closed a very difficult deal at a sale price I am happy with. Beau found a way to make things happen."

- Steve Holtan, Seller

"I want to thank you for all your hard work, dedication and your ability to get things done. When we first met, you told me this sale would be a 9 out of 10 on a difficulty scale. I don’t believe another firm could have pulled this off. Great job and I will always recommend you. Thanks my friend!"

- Greg Holland, Seller

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